Beef Suya Wrap with a Spicy Hummus and Yogurt Sauce

Seeing as I’ve been craving and obsessing over suya a lot lately, writing up my attempt to reproduce it seemed like the next logical thing to do.

In case you wondered, suya is a West African kebab-esque treat made by grilling thinly sliced skewered meat that has been rubbed with a nutty spice blend. It’s usually then served with a few diced tomatoes, maybe some onion slices, and a generous serving of suya pepper.

Today I felt inspired by the Middle East and decided to play up those flavors and techniques with this supremely African delicacy. I’ve made a beef suya wrap with a spicy hummus and yogurt sauce blend that helps mellow the peppery sensation from the spice rub quite well. Hope you enjoy.

*This suya is cooked in the oven without skewers


Yields 2 Servings

Suya Pepper

3 tablespoons ground peanuts, roasted

1.5 tablespoons cayenne pepper (use less if you don’t want it too spicy)

1 tablespoon salt

½ tablespoon paprika

1 teaspoon ginger powder

1 teaspoon onion powder

1 teaspoon garlic powder

Suya Meat

½ lb top round, thinly sliced

2 pinches salt

Oil, as needed

Spicy Hummus Yoghurt Sauce

3 tablespoons plain hummus

5-6 tablespoons plain yoghurt

½ teaspoon garlic, minced

1 tablespoon lemon juice

1-2 tablespoons suya pepper

Salt to taste (roughly 1 tsp)

1 tablespoon parsley (optional)

To Finish

2 large slices of soft tortilla bread (or 4 small slices)

1 tomato, diced

Romaine lettuce, roughly chopped

½ cucumber, diced (optional)


1.Using a spice grinder, pestle and mortar or blender, crush roasted peanuts until powdered. Avoid making peanut butter. Mix with all other ingredients and set aside.

2. Cut beef roughly into 1×2 inch pieces. Season with salt and lightly coat with oil. Dredge in suya pepper. Set aside. Heat oven to 170°C (350°F) with an oiled grill pan inside.

3.  While oven heats, add hummus to a bowl and gradually mix in yogurt. Add garlic, lemon juice, suya pepper, salt and parsley (if using). Check seasoning and set aside.

4. When oven is ready, place suya on hot pan and cook for 10-15 minutes for very well done (as a lot of Africans prefer their meat), turning after 5-7 minutes. For medium, no more than about 5 minutes total as the pieces are very thin and will cook quickly. Remove and set aside.
5. To serve, warm tortilla bread and add suya, tomatoes, cucumber (if using), lettuce and sauce in bread and wrap. Best when suya and bread are still warm.