Biscuitbone Summer Series: First Event

Over the weekend we hosted the very first event of Biscuitbone Summer Series, and it went really well! A friend offered up her gorgeous garden, so the location was perfect. “Picnique” was the theme for the day, so picnic baskets and blankets were laid whilst a mini BBQ grill heated up in the corner. The menu included past recipes from the blog, some verbatim and others with a slight twist. It was so nice to have guests critique the menu and provide valuable feedback!

There will be more of these events all summer! Send us an email to see how you can participate. We’d love to have you try our food!

**Unfortunately I was too tied up in the kitchen to take pictures, but thankfully my friends, Jean, LiXian and Tamara, shared a few snaps with me. From setup to finished product, check them out below!