My Top 5 Lagos

Remember that little disclaimer I made in an earlier post about blogging about things I find interesting? That’s about to happen.

My trip to Lagos recently came to an end and I’d like to share a couple details about why it was hands down the most awesome time I’ve ever had in Nigeria, and why everyone needs to check the place out! ?

So I’ve taken time out of my busy day (yeah, I can’t write that without laughing either) to compose my list of top five reasons why everyone needs to visit Lagos, and I’ve cleverly called it, My List Of Top Five Reasons Why Everyone Needs To Visit Lagos. Wuddup college degree!

Without further delay, and in no particular order (because I’m the type of person who can barely decide on which song to sing in the shower), here it is:

1) The Food. Duh.

Food in Lagos is awesome. Period. Whether you’re into Nigerian staples like pounded yam and okra soup or jollof rice and plantain, or if a cheesy pizza and fries is more your thing, there are many places to try. On this particular trip I did most of my traditional food consumption at home and ventured outside Mr. Gebert’s kitchen a few times for the not so Nigerian options. One of my stops was BC, an Italian restaurant in Victoria Island where I had a preordered cheesy chicken and chile pizza. Then, at Maga Plaza’s food court, there was the oozy-juicy chicken shawarma at Sphinx, and of course the prawn and mayo spring rolls at China Town. Yes, the restaurant is actually called China Town.

And of course I had to make time for Silverbird’s famous popcorn, the best I’ve ever had. Seriously. People buy their popcorn and sneak it into other cinemas. And I’m not just talking about myself.

2) Lekki Market

Lekki Market is probably the swankiest market in town. Within the varying adjacent booths you can find everything from authentic African paintings and hand made leather bags, to DVDs, CDs and of course, food!! And if you’ve got any haggling skills, don’t be afraid to put them to good use here.

3) Lekki Conservation Center

For just N 500 for adults, N 100 for kids, you and your peeps can venture off on a trail laced with monkeys, crocodiles and peacocks, witness some sick views and learn a thing or two about the ecology of tropical rainforests. Bargain!

4) Water Activities

There are a number of boat clubs in Lagos where you can rent boats and jet skis for the day and head over to private beach houses at peaceful beaches. On this trip my family and friends rented a boat from The Civic Center in Victoria Island and had a hell of an amazing day relaxing in a beach house and mingling with adorable little locals.

5) Clubbing

Lagosians know how to party. All. Night. Long. I’m not kidding. There are a number of hot spots around town, such as Likwid Lounge in Victoria Island (where I found myself one too many nights) and Bacchus in Ikoyi. But the current “hot spot” seems to always be changing, so I’d ask for some advice from a regular when you get in.

There were a few other places I wish I had time to visit on this trip, namely Badagry Slave Port, one of the first slave ports in West Africa, and Sungbo’s Eredo, the largest pre-colonial construction Africa has to offer. But I’ll definitely make time for those on my next visit.