Taste Talks: All-Star Chef BBQ

These days I’m all about going to food events. I find them to be an integral part of the whole “foodie” experience. You get a chance to explore what’s buzzing on the food scene, be in awe of cool new techniques, meet the chefs whose brainchild is your new favorite restaurant, and most importantly, you get to eat copious amounts of Grade A quality food (depending on the event, of course). In other words, be prepared to see a lot more of these posts from me.

Over the weekend I attended the All-Star Chef BBQ Taste Talks event that took place at East River State Park. I got to meet some cool chefs and try some delicious food. I’m still trying to master the art of jugging a phone, a drink and a plate of food in one hand while operating a bulky camera in the other (and I will master this!), but check out the evidence of my foodie excursion below…

Matt Rudofker’s Grilled Blue Whale Oyster

Action Bronson and Michael White’s Porcheta “Kra Prow” Tigelle (there’s nothing like adding some fresh mint and basil to your salad!)

David Santos and Jonathan Wu’s Pig Head Salad

Daniel Delaney’s Texas Hot Gut Sausage (a quality sausage — and cilantro is always a good idea)

Mark Sussman and Eli Sussman’s Grilled Chicken Kebab (a perfect little bite)

Will Horowitz’ Smoked Char Sui Long Island Eel (with fermented corn)

Danny Bowien and Inaki Aizpitarte’s Mission Cantina Special

Nate Smith and Lee Tiernan’s Charred Lamb Tongue and Deep Fried Anchovy (really really good!)

Danny Bowien and Jamie Bissonnette’s Mission Chinese Special — Lamb tartar (raw lamb anyone?)

James Beard Award winning chefs, Jamie Bissonnette and Danny Bowien

Rob Newton and Oliver Strand’s BBQ Duck (the longest line I stood in, and my favorite bite of the day!)

The view of Manhattan wasn’t so bad either…

Find out how you can attend a Taste Talks event at taste-talks.com.