Escargot: The African Land Snail Edition

So I’m currently in Nigeria and have been exploring the food scene, among other things (I’ll make a post about my trip later on), for the past few days. My dad’s chef, Mr. Gebert, has been kind enough to not only tolerate my lurking well within his personal space, toting a massive camera with an obnoxious zoom function, but has graciously offered to explain his entire process along the way. #WINNING!

Today’s post is about the giant snails he began preparing last night, a.k.a. the African Land Snail.

Toasties 2019 Menu

We’ve added new items! Please find our updated menu and contact information below!

Homemade Valentine Nuts: Sweet and Savory

It’s that special time of year again when lovers shower significant others with gifts and praises, and singles do their best to disregard the festivities all together. Seeing as eating tends to play as large a part in this season as any other activity, it would feel almost sacrilege to boycott a Valentine’s Day post.

Now for those of you who still haven’t come up with a creative way to woo that special someone, fret no more! I’ve got a quick and easy nutty treat for your longtime love or secret admirer – and there’s a savory and spicy, or sweet and fruity option to choose from.

Toasties By Biscuitboneblog

TOASTIES is a fast-casual dining restaurant chain located in Lagos, Nigeria. We specialize in hot toasted fusion sandwiches and offer a range of specials!

Biscuitbone Summer Series: First Event

Over the weekend we hosted the very first event of Biscuitbone Summer Series, and it went really well!

A friend offered up her gorgeous garden, so the location was perfect. “Picnique” was the theme for the day, so picnic baskets and blankets were laid whilst a mini BBQ grill heated up in the corner.

Lemon and Thyme Bread

Let me start off with this caveat: I am no baker.

The sentence, “I feel like baking a loaf of bread today,” has never escaped my mouth.

My Top 5 Lagos

Remember that little disclaimer I made in an earlier post about blogging about things I find interesting? That’s about to happen.

My trip to Lagos recently came to an end and I’d like to share a couple details about why it was hands down the most awesome time I’ve ever had in Nigeria, and why everyone needs to check the place out!

‘Ello ‘Ello!

Welcome to Biscuit Bone, a blog where foodies and newbies alike can learn a thing or two about African food by joining me in my attempt to fuse traditional dishes from across the continent with a number of global cuisines.

Feel free to share ideas and recipes of any favourites you’d like to see altered along the way. And in addition to posts focusing on recipes, expect documentation of my interesting finds.