Street Feast, London

Yesterday my friends and I headed over to Street Feast in East London for a round of oohs and ahhs at this year’s selection of quirky street food vendors.

Everything from Mini-Naan sliders and pizza-burgers to hot wings and grilled mac-n-cheese sandwiches were on the menu at the Dalston Yard location, which will be open all summer long.

Shaki and Agege Bread Toasties

Let’s talk about tripe. Again.

So recently I learnt that there’s a whole world of people out there who refuse to eat tripe (or “shaki” as we call it in Nigeria). I mean, yeah – surprise, surprise. It’s stomach lining. Who the hell wants to eat stomach lining?

Lemon and Thyme Bread

Let me start off with this caveat: I am no baker.

The sentence, “I feel like baking a loaf of bread today,” has never escaped my mouth.

My Top 5 Lagos

Remember that little disclaimer I made in an earlier post about blogging about things I find interesting? That’s about to happen.

My trip to Lagos recently came to an end and I’d like to share a couple details about why it was hands down the most awesome time I’ve ever had in Nigeria, and why everyone needs to check the place out!

‘Ello ‘Ello!

Welcome to Biscuit Bone, a blog where foodies and newbies alike can learn a thing or two about African food by joining me in my attempt to fuse traditional dishes from across the continent with a number of global cuisines.

Feel free to share ideas and recipes of any favourites you’d like to see altered along the way. And in addition to posts focusing on recipes, expect documentation of my interesting finds.

Taste Talks: All-Star Chef BBQ

These days I’m all about going to food events. I find them to be an integral part of the whole “foodie” experience.

You get a chance to explore what’s buzzing on the food scene, be in awe of cool new techniques, meet the chefs whose brainchild is your new favorite restaurant, and most importantly, you get to eat copious amounts of Grade A quality food (depending on the event, of course). In other words, be prepared to see a lot more of these posts from me.

Plantain Croquettes

The very first time I tried croquettes was many moons ago during a Spanish study abroad program back in my college days.

Gloria, my “Señora” at the time (a name we gave to our homestay mothers), was the most adorable little Spanish lady who would serve up the most delightful little meals. I credit her for introducing me to the appetizing world of Spanish cuisine.

Roasted Corn with Brown Butter Herb Sauce

Of all the street foods you’ll find in Nigeria, roasted corn is definitely one of my favorites.

Charred over a blazing hot fire, each kernel reaches just the right ratio of, let’s say, “al dente,” on the outside while retaining its juicy center. And let’s not leave out the smoky flavor that enwraps the entire experience, setting this version of corn on the cob apart from its alternatives.

Food Market Fun: Smorgasburg Edition

If you didn’t know, Smorgasburg is one of the hottest food markets in Brooklyn. Hosting over 100 vendors every weekend in April through November, this mini food mecca is open free to the public from 11am-6pm at East River State Park on Saturdays and Pier 5 on Sundays.

At the open-air market you’ll encounter the brilliance that is a ramen burger or a pancake burrito and the yumminess of perfectly seasoned Jamaican jerk chicken or chicken gizzard skewers.